Jennette Hofmann

Jennette Hofmann

Phone: 602-505-6513

National Producer: 19688525

Jennette Hofmann is an Independent Licensed Associate with First Financial Security, Inc. and a Certified GOALL Program Representative.  

Jennette knows, all too well, how important it is to plan for the unexpected. In 2020, Jennette was one of the millions of hardworking Americans who had been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For over 16 years, Jennette had dedicated her extensive business operational skills and professional expertise to corporations in the financial software industry.  She truly expected to enjoy a long-term corporate career and future retirement within the industry.  Jennette had never imagined that she would one day become vulnerable to losing her income and entire employee benefit package that had supported her family for so many years, life insurance being one of the key benefits.  Jennette knows that she is not alone and wants to help other fellow professionals, who experienced the same unfortunate career crisis, take control of their financial future now more than ever. 

Jennette has a solid corporate background in operational support services, coordinating the billable utilization of financial software implementation teams nationwide.  Jennette also has a wide range of entrepreneurial experiences.  While holding full-time corporate jobs in the past, she has always had an intense entrepreneurial fire inside of her. From running her own online bridal business, to flipping houses, to managing luxury vacation rentals, as well as offering her marketing expertise building websites, creating eye-catching marketing videos, and managing social media campaigns. Jennette has wide-range of professional and entrepreneurial experiences as a small business owner and can identify the needs of small businesses.  

After being introduced to The GOALL Program by the Co-Founders, Mark and Bridget Biermann, Jennette knew she had discovered an excellent way that she can support the owners and employees of small businesses.  Jennette is eager to provide sustainable solutions that answer the needs of small business owners, while providing the long-term financial security and peace of mind for their employees and families.  

Jennette is ready to help business owners stand out from other employers, save money on employee benefits, and provide a strategy that can aid in keeping their core team intact during these uncertain economic times.  She knows that the best employees look for the most attractive employment packages when joining a company, or when thinking about a career change.  The GOALL Program will help caring business owners gain a competitive edge to attract top talent, keep their employees feeling happy and appreciated, and provide a benefit that their employees will be able to retain throughout their lives.  

Jennette is thrilled to have aligned herself with the GOALL Program team and is looking forward to connecting with you soon to discuss your specific business needs.

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