Edward Parado

Edward Parado

Phone: 909-374-9157

National Producer: 6052283

Edward was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in a military base where his father was a retired Naval Officer.  Edward moved to the United states in 1986 where he worked in construction and retail while attending school at Cal Poly Pomona.  Edward is married for 28 years and has 3 children.  In his spare time, Edward enjoys playing tennis, golf and soccer.

Edward entered the financial services industry in 1998 selling all lines of products including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  He also is a big proponent of life insurance and annuities.  In his first year with his brokerage firm, Edward was recognized for his outstanding sales for mutual funds as well as financial planning strategies.  He also earned his MDRT designation with a nationally recognized life insurance company.

Working mostly with families and small to medium sized businesses. Edward enjoys protecting and growing his clients’ assets by truly understanding their situation and helping them make prudent decisions.

Edward believes that a proper financial strategy blends both time proven tactics, as well as innovative new technologies to develop reliable income streams.

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