Christopher Quessenberry

Christopher Quessenberry

Phone: 760-987-6382

National Producer: 19826634

Christopher, Born in 1999 in the town of Victorville, California- He is a fresh newcomer to the industry, hoping to carve a path to a brighter future for himself, and those he assists. Having been mentored, taught, and raised into this bright industry by well-established veterans. Because of that, despite being new into the business, he has a massive backbone of support to make sure he’s always going down the right path- and intends to make the absolute most of it.

Soft-spoken and calm, but with a hidden passionate underside he doesn’t often visibly show to others. He keeps to himself and says little, but when he speaks up, especially about business matters he feels as if it’s important to get his words out there immediately, and have his voice be heard, and if whatever he brings up is agreed apon, fervently enacts whatever he has in mind until it suceeds.

Having a background heavily focused in electronics, and psychology, he desires to use these skills to truly set in stone the healthy, secure, and employer/employee relationship focused practices that the GOALL Program employs, using such skills to expand his network to a truly large degree in this new-age of insurance, having communication, understanding, and mutual trust being a foundational expectation for his future ventures.

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