Carrie Strickland

Carrie Strickland

Phone: 805-298-2477

National Producer: 16827166

With over 30 years in customer service, Carrie has built a foundation of caring for her clients’ varied needs. She understands every individual is unique and will not be at the same place when it comes to their knowledge and financial situation. Having spent 12 years working in claims with one of the largest Auto Insurance companies in the U.S., Carrie knows all too well that stressful situations take a delicate hand, as well as, an ability to breakdown and explain solutions to specific problems. It was in 2016 that Carrie was introduced to the financial services industry. There she learned how money works and how she too could take advantage of strategies used for decades by the wealthy to grow and protect their hard-earned savings from losses and taxes. From this knowledge came Carrie’s desire to share what she learned with as many families as possible. She deepened her knowledge of retirement strategies and transitioned out of claims into a full-time business in financial education. Carrie has educated hundreds of families on safe and effective retirement strategies that work. With every family she helps, her passion continues. This growing passion put her in the path of the GOALL Program in 2018 which has allowed her to help more families than she ever dreamed possible.

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