GOALL offers an alternative — or addition — to a traditional 401(k) plan

Today’s companies are not only competing for sales but also for the talented employees that drive them. . . adding the GOALL Program to your benefit plan options is one way to achieve competitive advantage:

  • Stand out from others with a retirement savings and financial security program that’s in many ways more attractive than others
  • Maintain momentum through better employee retention; turnover saps organizations of experience and expertise
  • Tether top talent and attract new hires with a better, more varied package of benefit plan options
  • Increase security: departing employees take with them inside knowledge of your company’s operations and strategic direction
  • Save money: per one source, the average cost to replace a employee is 50% of their salary (i.e., $37,500 for a $75,000/year employee)

Bottom line? It’s not how much a employee makes; it’s how much they keep.

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